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Courses not rated here have rated too low to be included


Real estate guru reviews (below) are based on the (6) most important considerations when choosing a real estate investing course - completenes, reliability, coach quality, overall cost, success rate and customer (dis)satisfaction

Sources for these reviews include the Better Business Bureau, Attorneys General, FTC, customer input, and our personal review


It is not our intention to "slam" or malign any real estate guru or program - we simply present the facts, to help consumers make informed choices and avoid the scams, which are everywhere. Check with the Better Business Bureau if you have concerns about any company or guru. NOTE: The Better Business Bureau has published several warninings concerning real estate seminar scams.

[ UPDATE:On April 20, 2012 the Federal Trade Commission won a court judgment against the marketers of three real estate guru companies who bilked consumers out of more than $450 million. They include "John Beck's Free & Clear Real Estate System," "John Alexander's Real Estate Riches in 14 Days," and "Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions."


The FTC and the state of Colorado are also suing Russ Dalbey, the Dalbey Education Institute and those associated with them. Please do not judge all real estate programs by these few. There are good ones available (see below). This site was designed specifically to separate the good from the bad, to keep you from getting scammed.]

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 Completeness     Low Coach Cost     Coach Quality     Success Rate     BBB Rating     Low Overall Cost      OVERALL RATING

Bill Vaughn

real estate gurus scams 5-star 4-star 5-star 5-star      4.5-star

Ron Legrand

real estate guru 3-star 4-star 2-star      3.5-star

Carleton Sheets

2-star 4-star 3-star      3.5-star

Than Merrill

4-star 1-star      3-star

Robert Allen

real estate guru scams 1-star 3-star 2-star      2.5-star

Robert T Kiyosaki

robert kiyosaki n/a n/a real estate guru reviews 4-star      2.5-star

Larry Goins

n/a 5-star 1-star      2.5-star

Donald Trump

1-star 2-star 1-star      1.5-star

Peter Conti

Peter Conti See Report 1-star      1.5-star

Dave Lindahl

1-star 2-star 1-star      1.5-star

Al Lowry

1-star 0-star 2-star      1.5-star

Armando Montelongo

armando montelongo scam armando montelongo review      1-star

Russ Whitney

1-star 0-star 1-star      1-star

Lou Vukas

Lou Vukas n/a n/a 2-star      1-star

John Beck

0-star 1-star      1-star

Russ Dalbey

0-star 1-star      1-star

John Alexander

0-star 0-star      1-star

Wade Cook

See Report See Report See Report See Report See Report See Report      0-star

Robert Shemin

See Report See Report See Report See Report See Report See Report      0-star


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NOTE: The sponsor of this real estate guru review site, IntelliBiz, markets "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" and obviously wants you to at least check it out before deciding on a real estate course (see statement to the left). Our investor group developed our course on a non-profit basis because we got tired of seeing so many "newbies" getting a raw deal from other "gurus". This no way lessens the accuracy of these reviews - each is 100% accurate, as you can discover for yourself by checking the same legitimate sources.

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