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A Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate

"I am really enjoying the course. The reservations I had have all been erased. The information provided in this course has far exceeded the small investment I made in it. Thanks!"                              -- Herman Wine, Jamaica NY

NEW! Expanded Interactive Edition - the latest version now includes a full section of practical exercises for testing your new skills even before going out into the field. Also includes a greater variety of effective techniques, more examples and greater detail than ever before including a Creative Real Estate Tax Planning section, to reduce tax liability. Best of all, it is highly interactive, making your learning experience more effective, efficient and exciting!

We even provide sample copies of all the forms, contracts, agreements and even forms to help you evaluate a property - and your profits - even before entering any deals. Best of all, we continue to be there for you withFREE personal one-on-one advisors assigned to assist you in your efforts. And our new, exclusive Fool-Proof Agreement Maker  (TM) software allows you to create the perfect agreement every time.

We have also added a section to both the text and interactive version devoted to helping first-time homebuyers get the best deal, save thousands of dollars, qualify for a mortgage and get a lot more home for the money. Easy walk-through gets you into your own home. This alone is worth more than the cost of the entire program.

You also receive our exclusive Fool-Proof Offer Writing software ($49.95 value) that will help you to write the perfect offer every time - investors know that this is perhaps the most difficult part of investing. The Agreement Maker makes it easy. Not available anywhere else, this exclusive "no-brainer" software is included with any order. Also new,and FREE with any version of the program: the   Market Value Calculator- just fill in the blanks and this nifty spreadsheet will automatically determine the true market value of any home, based on your local values. Value multiplier can be changed with a single keystroke, so you can easily up-date the software to changing economic factors. (The Market Value Calculator requires either Microsoft Excel or Lotus AmiPro 1-2-3 or Quattro Pro spreadsheet program.)




Examples of each strategy, with detailed instructions. Practical exercises so you can test your new skills before going into the field. Even a glossary of terms you will need to know. There has never been a more complete and thorough course on practical real estate investing for the common man.

There's more, but we're not going to ask you to sit here reading this for hours on end. Order the program and judge for yourself- you risk nothing with our DOUBLE guarantee !

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